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Fans Urge Vinicius Junior to Think Twice Before Attending Michael Rubin’s White Party

Fans Urge Vinicius Junior to Think Twice Before Attending Michael Rubin’s White Party

Vinicius Jr. is already a part of the biggest party in the summer in South American football, but there is another one to come.

The Real Madrid winger recently broke the news via his Instagram story that he is invited to Michael Rubin’s White Party.

The picture posted by Vini showed a box containing the invitation letter and a white sneaker. It symbolises the white-coloured theme of the party where all the guests have to be clad in white clothing.

The invitation card showed the date of the event being July 4 and the cover read, ‘Don’t puke on these,’ a clear indication of the boozefest that ensues every year.

Since Vini made the announcement, fans have been left worried.

The $11.5 billion net worth of Michael Rubin shows through his extravagant party. His White Party is held at his oceanfront estate in Bridgehampton in the Hamptons. In the $50 million property, there are seven bedrooms with almost 8,000 sq ft of living space. The scenic mansion expanded across 6.5 acres of land, and also has a swimming pool.

Last year, Vini’s future teammate Kylian Mbappé was invited, where he was spotted taking pictures with Kim Kardashian, supermodel Grace Adele, NFL legend Tom Brady, rapper Jay-Z and more.

But why are the fans so concerned? What could really go wrong at a party filled with billionaires and millionaires? This is where the conspiracy theories come in.

According to various conspiracy theories available on the internet, the White Party is a gathering for Illuminati members. Just like the Illuminati wore all-white clothing, the party has the same colour theme.

Some even went as far as saying that the pictures of Rubin intimately hugging the athletes and artists indicate the show of masculinity by a white billionaire. Some even compared it to the Diddy parties or the Epstein Island parties.

The thoughts of secret societies with strange sacrificial rituals were also not off limits. Notably, NFL star Damar Hamlin’s agent came out to speak against these theories and presented the parties as a gesture of friendship and connection with Michael Rubin rather than what the conspiracies indicate.

Now the question for Vini is, will he be able to make it to Rubin’s party? Despite having the advantage of being in the USA at the moment, Brazil is still in contention to go into the knockout phase of the 2024 Copa America.

If Brazil makes it through to the next round, the date of the party will coincide with the training and surely head coach Dorival Junior won’t allow his main man to go have a party during the tournament. But Vini is as unpredictable off the pitch as he is on it, so the fans can keep worrying whether the 23-year-old will attend the party despite their warning cries.