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Look: Carlo Ancelotti Spotted Living it Up in a Montana Saloon

Look: Carlo Ancelotti Spotted Living it Up in a Montana Saloon

Has any other manager in the history of the game won 5 Champions League medals? If the name is not Carlo Ancelotti then the answer is no. For such a legend of the game, how would a vacation look? One would picture that cigar-smoking picture from the bus parades or on the beaches of Miami or probably chilling in Ibiza. But this time it is none of those.

This time Don Carlo chose utmost privacy, as far from football as possible, as far from noise as possible. And that led him straight to Montana.

Recently, Carlo Ancelotti shared a picture of him chilling at a bar. Ancelotti is wearing a blue-grey full-sleeve t-shirt with black shades and a black watch. His casual yet classy look was surrounded by a vibrant, yet soothing interior of a bar, named Sawmill Saloon. 

Internet detectives were quick to extract the whereabouts of his location, and it was revealed that he is in Darby. The small town of 800 people in Montana was the actual vacation spot of Ancelotti.

In another picture posted on his Instagram handle, Ancelotti is seen on the back of a horse along with his wife, Mariann Barrena McClay.

Out of all the places, choosing Montana might seem odd to many, but there is a possible reason. Mrs Ancelotti is from Vancouver, which is only 870 miles away from Montana.

The scenic beauty of Montana’s diverse terrain is enough of a reason to attract tourists. The flush green planes are encapsulated with Glacier National Park standing on one side and the other one with a lake. The mountain passes even connect the USA to the landmass of Canada. 

The greenery and natural resources make it a great place for raising horses, another passion of Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti is a massive geek when it comes to horses and he even has a stable in France, named ‘Gala Real’, a glaring nod to his Spanish team. 

His stable also participated in the 175th edition of the Prix de Diane Longines at Chantilly where his team failed to replicate his on-field success. Gala Real came 9th and as a result, missed out on the grand prize of £500,000.

But for now, Carlo can take a much-needed breather. With the pre-season starting on July 31st, there’s ample time for the veteran manager to live his life to the fullest.