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Photo – An Everton household proudly displaying Spurs flag in Liverpool before the final

Photo – An Everton household proudly displaying Spurs flag in Liverpool before the final

In an amusing photo shared online, a house presumably supporting Everton traditionally was seen bearing a Tottenham Hotspur flag.

The UCL final and it’s drama

Everton had a decent season and finished Eighth in the Premier League standings.

Liverpool , however, have been phenomenal this season. They narrowly lost to Manchester City in an intense Premier League title race.

The fans saw their side miraculously overturn a heavy deficit against Barcelona and reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

They face another team who plays with nothing to lose, Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs themselves had a dramatic season and they are hoping to prove their worth at the highest level of club football there is.

After a turbulent start to the season, Mauricio Pochettino’s side secured the fourth place in the Premier League, two spots behind Liverpool.

They too overcame a deficit against the youngblood Ajax team and won in a dramatic fashion in overtime. They will be looking to give their fans something to be proud of on Saturday.

The enemy’s enemy is a friend

While it is understandable that rival clubs temporarily support opponents of their rivals in hopes of rubbing salt into their wounds, such an abject show of support is really amusing.

The number plate of the house in the picture clearly shows that the family traditionally support Everton.

The shiny Everton crest on the number plate, however , would confuse passersby because of the flags that the house bears.

A Tottenham Hotspur flag is held between two windows, a not so subtle dig at their Merseyside rivals.

Via Twitter

Supporting a different club just to p*ss off your rivals

The last time Everton played Tottenham they were thrashed 6-2. Hence, a true Everton supporter showing such support for Tottenham just to spite local rivals Liverpool is extremely amusing to say the least.

But as they say, football fans are the most passionate on the face of the Earth. If supporting an opponent means the downfall of your own bitter rivals, so be it!

Many netizens found the photo ironically hilarious, considering that Everton haven’t achieved much in terms of silverware in a long time, and that their pride in an opponent club seemed unfounded.


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

4th... we finished 4th


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

That's why they are know as the bitters