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“Rivalry goes out of the window” – Even Man Utd fans were moved by the emotions on display from Liverpool captain last night

“Rivalry goes out of the window” – Even Man Utd fans were moved by the emotions on display from Liverpool captain last night

After waiting for 14 long years the Champions League trophy is coming back to Anfield after Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the final held at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid .

As captain Jordan Henderson lifted the coveted trophy, his face was one of pure joy. However, he couldn’t hold back his tears for much longer – giving football fans a warm sight to cherish for a very long time!

Henderson: midfield marshal

For most of his career, Jordan Henderson received a lot of criticism. Most critics thought of Henderson to be an average player at best.

His position as a midfielder often came under threat in Klopp’s revamped Liverpool. Since his style of play isn’t ‘exciting’ , he wasn’t a fan favourite either.

However, under Klopp’s system of play, Henderson began to bloom. Alongside Fabinho and Wijnaldum, Henderson began making breathtaking plays.

Be it pushing forward with an eagle-like vision or defending like a lion, Henderson gives it his all during a match.

Henderson produced a solid performance wearing the captain’s armband on the night and as he lifted the trophy, the pride and happiness in his face was undeniable.

Henderson’s emotional moment with his father

After the primary celebrations, the captain of the Reds walked up to his father who was waiting in the sidelines.

Both of their faces were red with happiness and joy. Henderson hugged his father tightly as tears streamed down his face.

In an incredible heartwarming emotional moment, the father-son duo seemed oblivious to the whole world as they embraced.

Jordan has faced criticism and adversities for most of his career. He had to fight for his spot in the team and prove his worth.

However that did not stop him from playing with all his heart and soul and giving it his all on the pitch.

For a worthy player of the game, the greatest prize in club football seemed to be a fitting tribute.

Even Man Utd fans couldn’t help but fall in love with the emotions on display from Jordan Henderson last night

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