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What Hendo’s dad wrote has got Liverpool fans screaming “inject this into my veins” online

What Hendo’s dad wrote has got Liverpool fans screaming “inject this into my veins” online

Premier League 2019-20 looks set for another year-long scuffle between the two titanic powers of English football, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Last season’s title race ended with City claiming the title just whiskers ahead of the Reds, who have been longing this trophy for 29 years.

Bagging the Champions of Europe tag twice between these years, nearly a generation has passed having been deprived to see their team wear the Premier League crown.

If that’s not enough of an inspiration for them to win the league, then their Champion League winning captain has got something in store for everybody.

On Father’s Day, Jordan Henderson wished his father, Brian, by posting a picture with him biting the gold medal  after they became the European champions at Madrid.

I will be biting a premiership (Premier League) medal this time next year.

Henderson’s dad replied.

Brian Henderson was overjoyed when this picture got clicked, sharing a lovely moment with his son who embraced him and broke into tears.

It was an emotional moment for the Liverpool captain as his dream of winning the Champions League finally came true and his dad was there to celebrate with him.

Last year Brian was battling for his life when he got diagnosed with throat cancer. Now his father being completely safe and cured, Henderson will look to give everything next season to fulfill the dreams of his tough old man.

With Klopp’s Liverpool playing the finest brand of football, such confidence by Brian is bound to come.

Check out a screenshot of Jordan Henderson’s dad providing the most “inject this into my veins” content for Liverpool fans on Instagram –