What is football without the fans? They are the ones who inject life to an ordinary game and keep it alive in their stories, because in the end football is just stories and what a great story Liverpool have.

They boast the most passionate fanbase in England, and their fans are spread far and wide into the world.

Liverpool had been starved of success in recent years, but their loyal supporters have stood by the team and have backed their manager who have now won them the biggest trophy that European football has to offer.

After winning the Champions league for the 6th time, Jurgen Klopp’s men arrived at Liverpool and were welcomed with a 16 km long open bus parade, in which the police estimated that more than 750,000 fans turned out.

Not everybody was there to experience the magic of the Merseyside. So it seems a few fans, somewhere in the continent of Africa, created their own victory parade on an open car and the sight of it absolutely embodies the true beauty of the game.

The picture was posted on Reddit and drew praise from users around the world.

Via Reddit

However, it didn’t take long for users to start mocking the recent arch rivals of Liverpool, Manchester City.

Often targeted for their lack of loyal supporters, City’s Premier League victory parade was much laughed upon as their bus was surrounded by just a handful of fans.

Previously, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City just did enough to keep their noses ahead after what had been a breathtaking title race.

History books are littered with the famous rivalry between Manchester and the Merseysiders, but this time the former comes in a shade of blue.

Already termed as the next “big thing” in European football, we are already expecting a lot from both the sides next season.

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