Celtic finished the 2018-19 season by gloriously winning the treble. The Glasgow club created history by becoming the first club to pull off 3 domestic treble winning seasons.

The Bhoys have been bringing home arms full of accomplishments & if one thinks that they are exhausted, they are wrong.

Sinclair’s Determination

Recently Scott Sinclair posted on his social media accounts and showed his readiness to get back to practice to clinch the 9th consecutive League title.

The Celtic fans are pumped to see the eagerness in their players to push for 9IAR. They are already wishing luck to Scott urging him to move forward boldly with his dream.


Scott Sinclair has been one of the crucial men as the club achieved the feat of ‘treble treble’. The Englishman has had 127 appearances during that time and netted 52 goals. That makes him the top scorer of the ‘treble treble’ period.

What is remarkable is that he is not even a striker but he has scored on an average 17 goals a season.

Sinclair didn’t just achieve the title of the top scorer. He also managed to score 3 hat-tricks during the ‘treble treble’ years.

Scott has been committed to the club ever since his transfer from Aston Villa in 2016. He was benched towards the end of the season but the fans are hoping for Sinclair’s return in the coming season.

Their hopes are further being emboldened by his grit & determination for 9IAR.

Old Record of 9IAR

If Scott & the Bhoys win the 2019-20 season they would equal their own record of 9IAR which they earned during seasons 1965-66 to 1973-74. With more players sharing the same determination as Scott, hopefully the Bhoys will be able to break their own record in the coming years.

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