(Video) Sadio Mane pulling up Jordan Henderson’s compression pants on the bench is pure friendship goals

In the field of football, true friendships are, when all things considered, pretty hard to come by. With their lives being extremely fast paced, and their careers being physically and emotionally demanding, footballers hardly find time to interact on a personal level with their teammates and get to know one another.

That is a crying shame because it is pretty evident that a good team only functions when all of its cogs are well oiled. It is therefore, the hallmark of a great manager to make sure his wards get along well and get team morale to a higher level.

And Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp seems to be exactly that sort of manager.

Putting more focus on teamwork, the German has made sure that Liverpool become a close knit unit that is also lethal on the pitch.

A great example of that was seen yesterday in the Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

With Jordan Henderson preoccupied with getting ready for the post match interview after the loss, he failed to realize that the back of his compression shorts were not fully up, giving the world a regrettably ample view of his behind.

Coming to the aid of Hendo, however, was an ever-alert Sadio Mane, who very quickly gathered that his captain was to be caught with his pants down (compression shorts in this case) and, in a sudden move, pulled his shorts up before a lot of people could notice.

Mane, like any good friend, truly had Hendo’s back!