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(Video) Leeds United fans hit back Hull City with their own miserable chant during 4-0 win

(Video) Leeds United fans hit back Hull City with their own miserable chant during 4-0 win

The Hull City game against Leeds United from a few days ago has become quite notorious for the many moments of banter that it produced.

Of course, Peacock fans will regaled for a long time to come by Luke Ayling mocking Hull City’s Kevin Stewart after the match got over.

His display of showing where the teams stood in the points table of the EFL Championship (Leeds are second, Hull are all the way down in eighteen) perfectly summed up the general mood of trolling directed towards the losing team and its fans.

That Hull City suffered a 4-0 ‘mauling’ at their hands was an irony not lost on the Leeds faithful, as another crazy moment came after the game, when the Peacocks fans, in full attendance at Hull’s KC stadium, decided to give Hull a taste of their own medicine.

It is generally considered as an axiom that Hull City have one of the more pathetic fan chants in recent times.

Hull City were ‘mauled’ by Tyler Roberts on the day

The combination “You’re getting mauled by the tigers” while fans simultaneously claw the air (indicative of the tiger on the crest) is derided by other clubs as being cringeworthy, to say the least.

In fact, this sentiment is said to be shared by the general public as well, with even the Metropolitan Police having called out the Tigers fans’ drab routine in the past.

On the day, however, Leeds fans decided to take matters into their own hands and mocked the chant with a brilliant version of their own.

Every person in the visiting fans’ stand stood up in unison and started chanting the infamous song, all the while clawing the air much to the misery of the home team.

In fact, despite only being a parody, the modified chant ended up being much better than the original as it could also be interpreted as “You’ve been mauled by Tyler”, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Leeds striker Tyler Roberts’ fantastic brace on the day.

With even fans being resigned to enduring such blatant derision, it is safe to say that Hull are currently undergoing one of their worst seasons on record, and rivals Leeds could not possibly be any happier.