Jerome Boateng answers brilliantly when asked about his embarrassing moment with Lionel Messi

During any other season, a professional footballer at the highest level would be preparing himself to face the business end of the top competitions, but this has not turned out to be any other season, has it ?

So to keep himself busy, recently Bayern’s centre-back Boateng held a Q&A session on Twitter. From revealing the other 4 teammates in his 5-a-side dream team consisting of Ronaldo (Brazilian), Patrick Vieira, Messi and Zidane to praising Bayern’s upcoming sensation Alphonso Davies as a Tik Tok star, to revealing Ribery as the funniest teammate.

Q&A took an interesting turn when one fan tried to clown Boateng by reminding him when Messi produced a moment of magic to turn him inside out to leave him dusted and then chipped the ball over Neuer to give Barca the lead against Bayern in the crucial 1st leg of UCL 14-15 season.

That moment has been struck with Boateng forever and to his credit, he replied brilliantly –

Well to be fair, you really can’t fault the German in that moment as when the little magician is in the mood and decides to razzle-dazzle, what really can you do?