Jerome Boateng responds to all the Messi fans reminding him of that brutal moment 5 years ago

It’s the month of May as we await the most mouthwatering of Champions League semi-final clashes. That’s what we would’ve said if 2020 was like any other year before. However, instead of feeling miserable sitting on our couch, let’s head back in time.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the UCL clash between the European heavyweights, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The two FCBs have had some spicy match-ups between them, and the semi-final in 2015 only added to the mix.

Despite the goals, the saves, and the tension among the fans, it was a moment of Messi magic that still reigns among the hearts of the Cules.

The recipient on this occasion was Bayern’s Jerome Boateng, as Leo Messi left the German center-back on the floor as he went on to score a sumptuous chip over Manuel Neuer.

The banter that followed still hasn’t stopped chasing Boateng after five whole years of the incident.

This time around, however, the German international shut everyone out with a brilliant comeback.

Acknowledging the plethora of memes tagging him, he tweeted referring to the time when the big German stopped Messi’s Argentina in arguably the biggest game of Leo’s career.

Kudos to Boa for not shying away from the memes; however, it does make it easier when you have the World Cup trophy to show for it.