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Everything Troy Deeney said regarding the Paul Pogba situation was spot on

Everything Troy Deeney said regarding the Paul Pogba situation was spot on

Paul Pogba was suppose to take Manchester United back to the heights they were accustomed to when the Frenchman returned to the Red Devils back in 2016 .

Fair to say that hasn’t been the case entirely. He has shown flashes of brilliance for which United paid the big bucks for but it has been few and far between. Since his return United have been 6, 2, 6 and 5 in the league table. So it’s safe to say neither party got what it hoped for.

Pogba’s future has been in the air since the beginning of the season as clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid seemed to be particularly interested in securing his services. He has fared scarcely for United this season’s ankle injury has forced him to spend the majority of his time on the sidelines.

His brother Mathias Pogba and agent Mino Raiola have made it no secret that Pogba wants to move elsewhere as he is seeking a “new challenge”. Safe to say all this shenanigans surrounding him have turned a lot of Manchester United faithfuls against him.

Deeney launches staunch defence of Pogba

Troy Deeney recently appeared live on a United fan channel on YouTube. The outspoken Watford forward discussed the various aspects concerning Man United, including what it’s like to face them on the pitch, Bruno Fernandes, their links to Jadon Sancho, and more.

The most interesting part of the interview, however, was his defence of Paul Pogba’s comments in the summer.

He claimed that Pogba might have been wrong in the way he announced his intentions, but he was justified in seeking a new challenge. 

Given United’s plethora of resources one would expect them to build a capable squad.

That has been a pipe dream of sorts, with the Red Devils going through multiple managers like sheets in a notebook over the past few seasons.

Pogba feels his talents are being wasted at United, and Deeney was supportive of Pogba’s behavior, as well.

Deeney claims Pogba has always been respectful of players and a man of his talents deserves better.

What lies ahead for Manchester United and Pogba

The good news is that United have turned a corner, playing attractive football since the start of February and they were unbeaten in all competitions until the pandemic put a cruel stop to all footballing action.

The signing of Bruno Fernandes seems to be a masterclass and another window of good signings will give United the chance to compete for the Premier League title again.

Pogba, however, will have to evaluate his options. Whether he wants to be a part of a rebuild at United, or he wants to win titles elsewhere, is up to him.

However, United have shown they are capable of winning without Pogba this season, and they have a young, hungry squad that is competitive.

But, time and again, it has been proved that United are a much better team with Pogba in it. So, Pogba will have a conundrum and his decision will have major ramifications for both parties.