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Belgian League officially ends season with leaders Club Bruges voted as Champions

Belgian League officially ends season with leaders Club Bruges voted as Champions

Belgium just became the first country in Europe to draw the curtains on the 2019-20 league action as Belgian Pro League board has reportedly refused to wait any longer in calling off the footballing season for good. 

According to the newspaper HLN, the decision from the board of directors was unanimous, and now only the endorsement from the general assembly awaits on April 15 which is expected to be just a formality. 

The whole saga has resulted in Club Brugge being crowned the champions who had solidified their position at the top by amassing a healthy lead of 15 points from their nearest rivals with just one matchday left to play.

Club brugge being crowned the champions was a question of when not if. Interestingly this whole situation looks quite similar to the unresolved saga in England.

Premier League conundrum

Everyone was expecting Liverpool to walk away as Champions in the modern Premier League era for the first time in their history, but all such hopes were put to a screeching halt by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Liverpool are runaway leaders of the Premier league table and it was just a matter of time till they were crowned champions, but then coronavirus happened. Premier league and quite frankly every other sporting league officials are in a spin on what’s the best next course of action. 

You can’t chalk up a clear plan about a situation like this, which the whole world is experiencing for the first time. No one knows when the situation would turn to normal, or even become amiable enough to hold matches in an empty stadium without fans which also currently seems like a distant reality.

English top-flight chiefs are set to meet on Friday to discuss the next steps. It’s clearly not easy for anyone to decide what should be the next steps as no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to upset a large section of people. But these are extraordinary times and at times like these, it sure requires some bold decisions to come from the top.