“You are not as good as Declan Rice” – West Ham fan trolls Leeds duo Kalvin Phillips and Ben White in Marbella

After a hard and successful season in the Championship, Leeds United players finally get their much-needed time off on vacations. Despite the break, however, it’s hard not to assume that the Premier League would already be on their minds.

After all, this would be the squad that gets to represent Leeds in top-flight again after a long 16-year exile. What they’d need to be wary of though is that with the Premier League return comes the resurrection of old rivalries.

The Whites often went head to head against West Ham back during their Premier League era before meeting again in the Championship. Their last game against each other came in the second division in 2012.

Since then, the Hammers went on to enjoy Premier League football while Leeds suffered another eight years in the Championship.

Now that the two clubs will get to meet in the Premier League again next season, the Hammers faithful are already relishing the fierce clashes against the Whites.

Leeds United duo Kalvin Phillips and Ben White got a taste of that while they were out there chilling on their holidays in Marbella. A West Ham fan totally owned the duo as he snuck up to the pair and threw a jibe at them, stating, “Hey Geezers, you’re not as good as Declan Rice though, are you?”.

The look on Ben White’s face, in particular, was a treat to watch as the clip of the incident went viral on Twitter.

Check out the incident below –