Photo – Leaked Nike tracksuit for next season goes viral among Liverpool fans

It was announced in January 2020 that Nike will become Liverpool’s new kit manufacturer from the 2020-21 season in a deal worth a reported $39.5m per year.

Leaks for the next season has been constantly trickling down since the announcement, with the latest (as shown in the image below) being this Nike tracksuit which emerged online today.

A zipper with a colour combination of black, neon green and white is pictured along with a black Nike lower. Customary Nike strips of neon green colour are affixed over black sleeves on the zipper and sides of the lower. Both Nike and Liverpool logos are of white colour, again blended over black.

Although the colour combination does not involve the traditional Liverpool red, it is still flawless. The design along with the proportion of division of colours seems utterly perfect.

The classic combination of black and white for the logos and sleeves respectively is attractive and the subtle neon green touch completes the magnificent design.

Fans are absolutely in awe of this one and they’d be really excited to see when and if it officially comes out.

Check out the tracksuit below –