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Nike Could Bring Back Green And White Look For 23/24 Liverpool Away Kit

Nike Could Bring Back Green And White Look For 23/24 Liverpool Away Kit

The 2022/23 season might have only seen a few months of action, but the football designers are hard at work to begin preparations for the next campaign.

For football kit manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc, the work has only started as they are now in a race against time to come up with attractive designs for their represented teams to wear next year.

The 2023/24 season is still 9-10 months away, but the designers are starting to come up with ideas for refreshing new kits for that campaign.

Liverpool have some really clean kit designs this season. Be it their slick red home kit, their unique away kit or the green and red design third kit, Nike has done a pretty good job in coming up with their attires this time around.

But of course, there is everlasting pressure to improve the quality and attractiveness of the kit in the upcoming seasons.

The American company has been put under pressure in recent seasons from fans for coming up with very monotonous designs, often having the same kind of look for the number of teams they represent.

Liverpool fans have been craving something unique, which can make their slick kits look even better.

The situation has forced a few fan artists to take it upon themselves to come up with a variety of designs that they’d recommend for Nike to take inspiration from or use in the future.

One fan, in particular, has come up with a very interesting take on what they predict could be the away kit for the 2023/24 season. It’s nothing like the current away kit, which is a white t-shirt with a mazy design.

This pencil-sketched drawing of the second kit showcases a white and green colour combination for the kit.

It’s primarily a white shirt with a light green and dark green colour combination. In the sleeve area, there is a slight light green design. In the middle, there are blocks of dark green colours beneath their club crest and the Nike icon.

This is accompanied by pitch-black shorts and the socks are also coloured white and green as well. This is apparently based on some designs for the training gear ranges that were leaked, hinting that Nike could be thinking of using this colour pattern for the Reds’ kits next season.

The training gear includes a black t-shirt with the words ‘You Never Walk Alone’ written in the middle of it – with Liverpool’s name also there. This is probably a fan version, while another training gear is green and white cotton winter wear.

Now, this is only a fan-predicted jersey and isn’t one of those official ‘trial’ ones that are often leaked months in advance for some major teams.

This would of course reflect a major change for Liverpool, but they did have a light green and white combination in the 2017/18 season courtesy of then-sponsors New Balance.

If this predicted kit really does come true, then you might as well call this fan an oracle!