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Tottenham home kit for 20/21 season made instantly better with a blue AIA logo

Tottenham home kit for 20/21 season made  instantly better with a blue AIA logo

It’s wonderful how a mere colour can shatter the attractiveness of a football jersey. Tottenham Hotspur fans know it better than anyone else.

Life insurance Group AIA became Spurs’ sponsor back in 2013. Since then, the north Londoners have donned their kit with AIA’s red logo on it.

Most of the supporters don’t like the idea of this colour combination due to the fact that Spurs’ traditional logo of a Cockerel standing on a football is of navy blue colour, which is also adopted by manufacturer Nike on their logo. Another thing the Spurs fans hate about the colour red is its association with arch rivals Arsenal.

Understandably, getting AIA blue has been an age old agenda for Spurs since they became their sponsor.

The club’s home jersey with an edited blue AIA logo is getting a lot of attention after the home kit for 20/21 season was officially unveiled yesterday –

Without doubt the shirt’s plain white pattern calls for a solitary colour for all the logos. It becomes instantly attractive with navy blue colour.

The shoulder patches of the similar shade and a lower white panel makes the shirt even sweeter and the round neck pattern with a blend of navy blue and lime completes the design.

The club unveiled the away kit as well with the home kit yesterday. The all green kit still seems more attractive and could win fans over, even though green is not Spurs’ traditional colour. The three logos are all in white which makes the design subtle unlike the different colour patterns on the home jersey.