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Fan Debate: Should All-White Tottenham Kits Be Reserved Only For Champions League Nights?

Fan Debate: Should All-White Tottenham Kits Be Reserved Only For Champions League Nights?

Tottenham Hotspur are experiencing a real rollercoaster of a campaign under Ange Postecoglou, who has changed up their identity and reputation since taking over.

The Lilywhites are suddenly playing the most fearless football, not being afraid of pushing up against menacing attacking sides and never backing down from a fight.

Postecoglou’s high-line and attacking system has, of course, its downsides and Spurs have suffered some bad defeats this season. Still, they are pleasing their supporters with exciting, progressive football and are still in the race for the top 4 – which is probably the ideal primary objective for Spurs.

Tottenham have been pleasing their home crowd with some excellent performances this season, having won seven of their 10 Premier League games at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium this season and scored 20 goals during that period too.

Their home kit has, of course, sold like hotcakes this season because of their excellent performances and Nike’s slick design has also helped with that.

The Lilywhites’ home attire this season is a fully white one, with both the t-shirt and shorts being the same colour. Nike has gone with a solid colour pattern, with only the sponsor logos and the Spurs crest being in a dark blue colour.

This is a stark difference from last season when Tottenham’s home kit saw the shirt complimented with blue shorts. Well, it appears that a debate has now started in terms of which shorts actually compliment their white home kit the best.

A lot of supporters have started to praise the white shorts because of how well they match up with their shirt and the general aesthetic over the combination of the white colour. Some believe that this is a really ‘clean’ combo and that pairing the white kit with a blue short makes it look more like a school uniform.

However, this sentiment isn’t really matched by every supporter in the Tottenham fanbase. Some believe that the white shirt and shorts combination should only be reserved for European games and has been tried this season due to the lack of Champions League football for the Lilywhites.

There is a belief that Spurs should continue their tradition of playing domestic games with a white and blue short combination and preserving the All-White look for their European outings.

Some have noted that if Tottenham can return to the Champions League next season, then Nike should bring back the white and blue combination for the domestic games and preserve the all-white look only for European matches.

With that being said, the white shirt and shorts combination is arguably among the most aesthetically pleasing ones that Spurs have won in Premier League matches in a long time. It now remains to be seen if they can bring this all-white look to the Champions League next season, that is if Postecoglou can inspire them to secure a top-4 finish at the end of the season.