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Kellian van der Kaap – The 21 y/o Dutch defender who looks an exact copy of Virgil van Dijk

Kellian van der Kaap – The 21 y/o Dutch defender who looks an exact copy of Virgil van Dijk

A Van Dijk regen has been spotted in Dutch league

If attackers weren’t already intimidated by one enormous and commanding Dutch centre-half, they now have their troubles doubled.

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk seems to have a doppelgänger of the same nationality as him, and their similarities don’t just stop at their positions.

Kellian van der Kaap is a central defender playing in the Dutch Eredivisie for SC Cambuur.

Standing at 1.90m (6’3”), the 21-year old is a distinctive figure in the heart of defence who joined his current team from FC Groningen, a club where a certain Virgil van Dijk spent his formative years at.

Born in Groningen, he is plying his trade for Cambuur right now, making his debut for the club in September 2019, as a substitute in a 5-1 victory at home against Helmond Sport.

The resemblance goes even beyond nationality and representing the same club: van der Kaap likes to tie his hair in a top knot as well, similar to the intimidating image van Dijk has created of himself in recent years.

Numerous accounts dedicated to football on Twitter have noticed the uncanny similarities between the two centre-backs, and it has been seen that van der Kaap has similar physical stances while passing a long ball, as well as giving his team instructions.

Van der Kaap has not represented his national team in any age division yet, something he doesn’t have in common with Van Dijk, who represented the Dutch football team right from the U19 level.

And while Virgil van Dijk is one of the best defenders in the world at the moment, his doppelgänger has a lot of work to do in order to reach that level and replicate his success. But there is absolutely no doubt about who he looks up to as a role model.