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All the times Virgil van Dijk let his hair down

All the times Virgil van Dijk let his hair down

Virgil van Dijk, since and even before signing for Liverpool, has been a rock-solid and smart defender who every manager can depend on.

An imposing 6ft 5in and fast speed means he has been impressive in the air and on the ground, with very few attackers managing to get past the Dutch international.

But in addition to his impressive performances on the pitch, van Dijk is also known for his distinctive hairstyle.

Just look at these images throughout his professional career across four different teams over the past decade.

Van Dijk at Groningen
Van Dijk at Celtic
Van Dijk at Southampton
Van Dijk at Liverpool

The defender has for the longest time featured thick, long and curly black hair, which has through the years, been curtailed into the neat little bun we see him in the PL now.

Such is the popularity of the haircut that the Dutchman is rarely seen or photographed with his hair open.

In fact, very few photos of his curly, open-air have ever surfaced online, like the one below from 2019, which looks like are from a photoshoot.

Another time when van Dijk was spotted without his trademark bun was when a national teammate tweeted a locker room photo of the squad after a UEFA Nations League football match against Germany that ended 2-2.

Can’t spot him. We’ll help you out.

Van Dijk’s longer hair caused a stir on social media, with many fans expressing their surprise and admiration for the new look. Some even commented that van Dijk looked like a “rockstar” with his open hair, while some others likened him to Ruud Gullit, a Dutch footballer from the 80s.

Despite the positive response, van Dijk has not adopted the open-hair look on a regular basis. It is likely that he prefers the low-maintenance style of bun, which allows him to focus on his performance on the pitch rather than worrying about his hair.

The player has not been spotted with his hair open even off the field, such is the desire to keep his hair tied up.

Van Dijk with his wife Rike Nooitgedagt

Whatever the reason, be it preference or compulsion, we’re sure that fans and media alike would like VVD to mix it up every now and then. The hair, that is. Not his game. That can remain as solid and reliable as it has always been.