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Coca-Cola cans with Everton label are now being sold in Colombia after James Rodriguez’s arrival

Coca-Cola cans with Everton label are now being sold in Colombia after James Rodriguez’s arrival

Update – The following story is not true as Coca Cola have released custom cans on the market in the colours of all Premier League teams.

Things are finally looking bright in the blue half of Liverpool, as not only has Carlo Ancelotti has guaranteed elite ability and experience in attacking midfielder James Rodriguez, but they have also signed one of the most popular and marketable players in the world.

The recent sighting of a Coca-Cola can painted in Everton colours in his native Colombia is a testimony to that.

After an Everton fan on Twitter posted the aforementioned picture, it is visibly clear that the club is a popular institution in Colombia, and it will not be an understatement to say that James’ recent acquisition from Real Madrid has played quite a major role in it.

The midfielder is one of the best players that the South American country has ever produced: as a majority of the population will now be introduced to the Premier League, if they weren’t already.

It is the third time that Ancelotti has brought the midfielder to his club, the previous two being at the likes of Real and Bayern Munich: and that is a prestigious list of clubs that Everton will definitely be thrilled to join.

Shirt sales followed by a general spike in the club’s revenue and popularity will only prove to be beneficial to the club, and the Merseyside outfit would be an attractive institution to footballers all over the world.

It has potential to be a glorious afternoon when James Rodriguez puts his boots on and walks out of the Goodison Park tunnel for the first league: as Everton Football Club will be looking to bridge the gap between them and the top clubs in the league and what better way of doing that than to sign one of the most popular players on the planet?

Check out the photos of the new Coca-Cola cans being sold in Colombia below –