Photo – New advert goes up on Times Square after Tottenham sign Gareth Bale

Times square is one of the world’s major tourist destination and certainly one of New York’s highlights. 

It is one of the most busiest places in the world with heavy pedestrian traffic throughout the day. Thus, it has become a special weapon for businesses who can promote their respective prospects on giants sized billboards placed on skyscrapers.

However, given the popularity of the place, it comes with a hefty price to pay. An ad on the Times Square can cost well over $50000 per day.

Therefore it won’t be wrong to assume that an event needs to be quite a big one for it to be featured on the Times Square.

And Tottenham Hotspur got themselves just the occasion as Gareth Bale returned to Spurs after spending 7 years at Real Madrid –

Bale, now 31, is back on a one-year loan deal with Spurs but he won’t be able to play at least until October due to a knee injury he suffered during international duty with Wales.