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Gareth Bale Has Suddenly Started Speaking Spanish at LAFC

Gareth Bale Has Suddenly Started Speaking Spanish at LAFC

5 time UCL winner Gareth Bale has finally left Real Madrid after a nine-year tenure, which took a tumultuous turn near the end. The Welshman’s relationship with the fans, especially the Spanish media, worsened as time passed, with local publications directing heavy criticisms of the 32-year-old’s way. 

The move to MLS‘ Los Angeles FC opens up a new chapter in his successful career. 

However, that didn’t stop the Wales international from aiming one final jab at the publications that plagued his stay in Spain, and he did so as part of a message to his new fans. 

One complaint constantly levied at Bale was his inability to speak Spanish, especially during interviews with the press. 

Bale responded to the criticism last year and said, “I speak well enough to get by and I understand everything that’s going on. The press were upset because I didn’t speak to them. And I didn’t speak to them in Spanish. So they obviously create this big drama, this big soap opera that I can’t do this and I can’t do that.” 

Upon his arrival in America, Bale offered a more direct rebuttal, as he went ahead and spoke in Spanish to LAFC supporters, a clip which was uploaded to the club’s socials. 

The Welshman fluently said, “Hello Los Angeles! I’m here in Los Angeles. See you at the game tonight.” 

Fans online loved the sh**housery and hailed it as trolling at its finest. Hopefully, Bale’s spell in LA will rejuvenate his career, and clear the doubts cast on his abilities.