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Mr Beast Meme Perfectly Sums Up the Pain of Watching England Play Under Gareth Southgate

Mr Beast Meme Perfectly Sums Up the Pain of Watching England Play Under Gareth Southgate

With high hopes of bringing football home, almost 50,000 England fans have stormed Germany to see Gareth Southgate and his boys. 

Those who are already there are now questioning their decision and those who were thinking of making the trip are having a second thought. All thanks to Gareth Southgate. 

Since he took over the National team job in 2016, England has participated in 5 major international tournaments, 2 Euros, the 2019 Nations League and the 2 FIFA World Cup. On paper, it’s been a successful 8 years for Southgate, with one Euro Finals appearance, a fourth-place finish in the 2022 World Cup, and now another round-of-16 game scheduled against Slovakia. 

But those who witness the game, know the pain of it. With world-class talents at his disposal, including Harry Kane, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka and Jude Bellingham, England have only managed to score 2 goals in 3 games so far from 11 shots on target. 

And that has been the theme for years. England looked far from convincing throughout the tournament and yet grinded a result. 

But with the snoozefest it has recently turned to, even die-hard English fans are being put to sleep. While Southgate keeps his unattractive brand of football going, the internet remains undefeated and memes at the expense of England are running rampant.

Even Domino’s Pizza didn’t pass the chance to show their meme game. 

The memes are going out of hand, so much so that now YouTuber MrBeast is also dragged into it. 

Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as MrBeast is well-known for his humanitarian efforts. According to his philanthropy website, Beast Philanthropy, he has donated more than 5.5 million pounds of food, delivered more than 4.5 million meals and fed nearly 300,000 people. 

But philanthropy wasn’t where it all started for Donaldson. He amassed 290 million YouTube followers due to his outlandish challenges. Pass the challenge and get hard cash from the man himself, sometimes amounting to six digits. 

The amount of money one can make depends on the difficulty of the challenges. For instance, you can earn $10,000 for each day surviving in the wilderness. Or facing your biggest fear to win $800,000 and that’s not even the highest amount he has ever shelled out. He even had his own Squid game edition for a $456,000 prize.

Now another challenge has been added to that; watching all the England matches in the 8-year tenure of Gareth Southgate. Many England fans might’ve even cursed their luck and MrBeast who’ve watched every single game since 2016, if the challenge was a real one.

But not to fret, it’s only a part of the running gag surrounding Southgate’s team. The $100,000 offered for this fiction challenge is too low a payout for many fans who are unwilling to go under the torture of seeing Southgate’s England play. 

The only upside to the whole Southgate-England fiasco is that they don’t play till Sunday, a much-needed respite from England’s stale gameplay.