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Photo – New sponsors EasyToys arrange for an x-rated welcome for FC Emmen fans

Photo – New sponsors EasyToys arrange for an x-rated welcome for FC Emmen fans

Eredivisie side FC Emmen found themselves to be in the middle of an extensive discussion in the Netherlands due to their new sponsorship deal. ‘The Kannibals’ recently partnered with a sex toy company called ‘EasyToys’, a move that has certainly raised some eyebrows in the country.

Concerned about the nature of the club’s new sponsors, the Dutch football association (KNVB) banned Emmen from featuring their new sponsor’s logo on the kit during matchdays.

In a statement released last week, KNVB explained their decision stating, ‘it is inappropriate to display sponsorship from the sex industry on match kit,’ also considering the fact that ‘football is for both young and old’.

However, the decision attracted criticism from the club as well as some popular Dutch television talk shows which regarded KNVB’s judgement to be conservative and out of touch.

Eventually, the club was able to overturn the ban after talks with the association. The Dutch side will now be allowed to feature the ‘EasyToys’ logo on their matchday outfits for one year at least as opposed to the initially planned three-year deal.

Despite having to be on the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week, FC Emmen are not afraid to be in hot waters. New sponsors EasyToys have arranged a giant X-rated inflatable for the club’s stadium entrance.

Football Twitter simply can’t wrap their head around the fact that this is indeed happening at a first division football club as hilarious comments flood under the tweet showcasing FC Emmen’s new x-rated arrangements for the arrival of fans at the De Oude Meerdijk stadium.

Check out the photo below –

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