Ex-pro footballer produces shameless dive in the 8th tier of English football

Former Plymouth Argyle and AFC Bournemouth defender Stephane Zubar will have a hard time explaining his behaviour during a non-league match yesterday.

Currently plying his trade with AFC Totton in the Southern League Division One South, the Guadeloupean footballer committed a criminal dive during the 2-1 loss against Thatcham Town.

With the game not in play, Zubar gets hit on the elbow with a stray ball while making his way back to his own end.

What followed was shamelessness of highest order as he turned back and took a moment before dropping on the floor.

The 34-year-old made a proper meal of it and the referee had to check on the ex-pro footballer as he fought a ‘career threatening injury’,

Football fans on Twitter slammed Zubar’s behaviour and loved it when the fan who kicked the ball started celebrating behind the net.

Check out the video of the incident below –