Hugo Lloris makes cameo appearance in French movie ’30 jours max’

Hugo Lloris stars in French movie '30 jours max'

Besides being the captain of Tottenham Hotspur and the French national team, it seems Hugo Lloris also dabbles in some acting.

Spurs fans on Twitter were pleasantly surprised today as a 5-second clip of new French movie ’30 jours max’ surfaced online.

To everyone’s amaze, the little snippet from the movie featured a cameo appearance from Hugo Lloris.

According to Twitter user mboopies, a semi-naked Lloris can be heard saying something along the lines of “wtf is that” as a woman is being kidnapped in front of him.

From what we can gather on IMDB, the movie is directed by Tarek Boudali and it revolves around Rayane, a clumsy cop, who finds that he only has 30 days left (before he dies?) and uses the time to try to become the hero of his police station.

It looks like Hugo took a liking to the Amazon cameras at Spurs and wanted to explore further in the field of acting.

Check out the clip below –

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