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Ross County going full Bilbao with four goalkeepers called Ross

Ross County going full Bilbao with four goalkeepers called Ross

If your name is Ross, you might have a chance to play for Ross County

There’s an unbelievable Ross-ception happening at Ross County at the moment.

The Scottish Premiership outfit possess a striking similarity amongst all four of the registered goalkeepers in the squad.

If three of the goalkeepers being named Ross wasn’t coincidence enough, the fourth one has a surname called – you guessed it, Ross.

While Ross Laidlaw, Ross Doohan and Ross Munro are the aforementioned array of goalkeepers all named Ross, Logan Ross makes up the list as the odd one out.

An absolutely mind-boggling piece of football trivia which has gone viral amongst football fanatics on social media platforms recently.

As if, just like Athletic Bilbao, who only sign players born in the Basque Country territory, it seems, Ross County have a little tradition of their own with the name Ross.

The abundance of “Ross’s” at Ross County does not stop there, as midfielder Ross Draper and forward Ross Stewart complete the list and lift the number of namesakes present at the club to a whopping six.

Manager Stuart Kettlewell and his backroom staff have a tough time on their hands as addressing six players with the same names in training sessions can get slightly confusing.