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What are the odds: Brothers score corner-kick goals on the same day in Scotland

What are the odds: Brothers score corner-kick goals on the same day in Scotland

Cup competitions in football offer a different aura in the sport, as the unpredictability of single round fixtures provides more chances of an upset than the regular league format.

Football enthusiasts often refer to the unpredictable charm of the cup competition as the “Magic of the Cup”, which was recently in full display in Scotland when the MacAskill brothers scored almost identical goals in two different matches in the same round of the Scottish Cup.

Keith FC’s Craig MacAskill scored directly from a corner kick against Hill of Beath Hawthorn, as his side won the game 4-2 after added time to progress to the next round.

His brother Andy scored a very identical goal for his club, Buckie Thistle, against Albion Rovers as they went on to win the match 3-0.

The fact that two brothers from the same family went on to score for their respective teams in the same round of the Cup to help their teams progress to the next round stands testimony of the “Magic of the Cup”, and adds another instance to a very long list of incredible stories that have originated from cup competitions played football.

Be it an unforeseen upset against the odds, a vengeful return to a former employer, or a comeback from incredible circumstances, cup competitions often do not disappoint to thrill the average football enthusiast.

Football, when brought down to its bare bones, is an unpredictable sport, and its true essence is exemplified by the cup competitions played across the world.

It provides a stage where underdogs from the lower tiers of domestic football can collide against upper-division heavyweights to guarantee progress to the next round, even daring to hope for an extraordinary story of an outcome against the odds.