The vital element that is key to unlocking Nicolas Pepe according to Arsenal fans

Ever since arriving from Lille in the summer of 2019, it is safe to say that Nicolas Pepe has not been a smash-hit. The Ivorian winger’s tenure in England has been marred with inconsistency, and he has barely managed to justify his enormous price tag that Arsenal paid to secure his services.

Pepe has had displayed occasional flashes of brilliance – just like he did against Leicester City in last night’s Premier League outing – as Arsenal fans have not lost their hopes of seeing him thrive for the Gunners, but they instead have pointed out one vital element for Pepe to truly play at his best week in week out for the team that splashed the big bucks on him.

Pepe started for Arsenal in last night’s Premier League outing against Leicester City and registered his name on the score sheet as Arsenal emerged 3-1 winners against the Foxes.

The right-back playing behind him

Pepe’s exploits on the right-wing coincided with him starting alongside Cedric Soares instead of Hector Bellerin at right-back – and the Arsenal faithful saw a lot of difference in Pepe’s overall game.

The Portuguese fullback is in his own right, a proper old fashioned fullback who holds the line and overlaps beyond his winger – as he did brilliantly last night.

Some Arsenal fans pointed out that Soares’ skill set is everything that the regular right-back Hector Bellerin isn’t – which makes Pepe a much more effective customer when playing alongside Soares rather than Bellerin.

Soares’s overlapping style draws defenders to himself, leaving Pepe to operate in space so that the Ivorian can do what he does best – take on opposition defenders at will.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Pepe’s potential is sky-high, and regular action for Arsenal both in the Premier League and in the Europa League will help him get into his zone and justify his club breaking the bank for him in 2019.

And according to a lot of Arsenal fans, playing alongside Cedric Soares instead of Hector Bellerin will definitely help in Pepe getting to his best faster than usual and truly unlock his potential to give Arsenal the player that they spent close to £70m two summers ago.

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