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Aussie car dealer puts out mental ad celebrating Rangers’ 55th title win

Aussie car dealer puts out mental ad celebrating Rangers’ 55th title win

Rangers have finally secured their first Scottish Premiership title win in nine seasons, after shrugging off feeble competition from eternal rivals Celtic. Not only have Steven Gerrard’s men achieved a feat that is worthy of immense praise, but they have also done it in incredible fashion – the Glasgow outfit are still unbeaten in all competitions deep into their season.

Rangers’ dominant performances throughout the season in the league and in Europe this season have fetched them congratulations from all across the world, but none nearly as peculiar or entertaining as a very recent advertisement released by an Australian car dealership company in order to mark Rangers’ 55th Scottish Premiership title.

The company named Madman Motors lived up to their name by releasing the most strange advertisement one could ever conjure up to congratulate a football team on its success. The ad was a 55-seconder that involved a Celtic fan being slammed outside the building of the car dealership company, and his Celtic kit being put into a dumpster by the narrator.

The narrator goes on to conveniently change into Rangers’ colours, as the advertisement ends with an aeroplane going through the sky upholding a banner that read, “Can you see us now?” Thus paying homage to the banner was flown by the Rangers faithful while Celtic played out their last match against Dundee United.

Check out one of the most absurd football-related commercials ever made in history below –