Video: Russia manager does anti-Ronaldo with Coca-Cola bottles

Coca-Cola stocks are about to hit a high again after Russia manager Stanislav Cherchesov reversed the trend and instead took a swig of the carbonated drink during a press conference.

The soft drinks giants had to suffer a devaluation of $4bn after Cristiano Ronaldo scoffed at the coke bottles placed in front of him during a press conference before the clash against Hungary and then replaced them with a water bottle, thus promoting healthy living.

Italy’s hero during their 3-0 win against Switzerland, Manuel Locatelli, too, showed his disdain for soft drinks with a gesture similar to that of the Juventus star.

Though Russian boss Cherchesov showed no such qualms with the popular drink, he quenched his thirst by taking a giant gulp from one of the bottles placed in front of him during his presser before the game against Finland.

That will send the share price back up, check out Stanislav Cherchesov’s rogue act below –