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Watch: Steward confuses Leonardo Bonucci for a pitch-invading Italy fan

Watch: Steward confuses Leonardo Bonucci for a pitch-invading Italy fan

A Wembley steward had a moment to forget when she mistook Leonardo Bonucci for a pitch-invading Italy fan and tried to stop him from getting back on the pitch.

It was the Azzurri who triumphed in style when Jorginho tucked the ball home calmly past Unai Simon to initiate scenes of absolute delirium in London.

The Italian players and the managerial staff were in the middle of the scenes that exuded sheer ecstasy, and some of the players also celebrated with the jubilant Italy fans who were in the stadium.

The most notable amongst those players was central defender Leonardo Bonucci, who enjoyed a moment of magic with the fans after calmly slotting his spot-kick home in the shoot-out. While most fans surrounding Bonucci knew of his contribution to Italy on the night, a certain steward did not – as seen from footage that went viral on social media after the match.

The aforementioned footage featured Bonucci celebrating with the fans, but just when he turned around to rejoin his teammates, a steward mistook him for a fan and tried to hold him off from going onto the pitch.

Bonucci was visibly surprised, and the confused look on his face has since gone viral on Twitter – the experienced Juventus defender has nearly been in the game for 15 years, and being mistaken for a fan does not happen to him very often.

Though, things ended rather amicably as Bonucci laughed off the steward’s initial ignorance and hugged her before joining his teammates back.