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Watch: Leonardo Bonucci pulling no punches – ‘It’s coming to Rome’

Watch: Leonardo Bonucci pulling no punches – ‘It’s coming to Rome’

Football was meant to come home this summer, but instead, it went to Rome–as proudly masqueraded by none other than the experienced Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci, who made sure to rub it in the English faces.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s heroics under the crossbar ensured that the Azzurri reigned supreme, as Roberto Mancini’s experienced unit got the better of a much younger English contingent who let the pressure get to them.

Triumphant celebrations ensued on the pitch immediately in front of the devastated home support, and Bonucci made it a point to rub it in–the veteran defender reputed for his trolling approached a camera and reminded the world that “It’s coming to Rome”.

All the hype building up to the match focused on England’s victory anthem “It’s coming home”, but Bonucci put a new twist on the famous slogan to slide in the Italian dagger deeper into English hearts.

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