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Watch: Ciro Immobile caught with his pants down, literally

Watch: Ciro Immobile caught with his pants down, literally

22-year-old Donnarumma’s heroics in the penalty shoot-out secured European glory for Roberto Mancini’s men, who could claim that they deserved their fate after being the strongest side in the competition all month long.

If the campaign was a memorable one, then the scenes after securing the prize were as memorable if not more–as the ecstatic Azzurri players slid on the Wembley turf in front of a selective group of celebrating Italians and thousands of devastated English fans.

One particular celebration that caught the eye on social media platforms after the game was Ciro Immobile’s.

The Italy forward joined his teammates and the rest of the contingent as they surfed on the turf, soaking in their moment of glory on the European stage.

But just as it was not nearly smooth going for the Lazio man on the night, sliding on the Wembley pitch was not particularly smooth either–as he slid on the turf, Immobile lost his shorts in extremely comical fashion.

A flustered Immobile immediately pulled his shorts up, but as it always is in the social media generation–the moment was already trending on social media platforms.

Immobile would not mind it nearly enough though, as he proved to be an important starter for the national team throughout this campaign and helped them achieve glory. Italy were soon awarded the European Championship trophy to trigger what was a night of incredible celebration for the Azzurri.