Watch: Ciro Immobile feigns injury before awful recovery

Ciro Immobile lying on the ground faking an injury against Belgium

Ciro Immobile had a moment to forget as the Lazio striker was caught on camera feigning an injury before recovering miraculously once Nicolo Barella had slammed his shot past Thibaut Courtois to score Italy’s first goal against Belgium

The Azzurri extended their unbeaten run to 32 matches and their winning streak to 13 with a fighting 2-1 win over the Red Devils during their Euro 2020 quarterfinal clash at Allianz Arena.

It was a glorious evening for Roberto Mancini’s men but for one Ciro Immobile whose shenanigans left a sour taste in the mouths of football fans.

As good as strike it was from Barella, Italy’s first goal was borne out of deceit as Immobile’s horseplaying distracted Thomas Vermaelen, who was then poorly positioned for the goal.


By Surjit Patowary

Extremely passionate, detail-oriented when it comes to football. Obsessed with the news. Fact-checking is life!

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