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Castore slammed for absurd pricing of Newcastle United hoodie

Castore slammed for absurd pricing of Newcastle United hoodie

Newcastle United fans have been left rather gobsmacked with the price of some of the merchandise released by new sponsors Castore.

The Liverpool-based sportswear brand took over the mantle from Puma as Newcastle United’s primary kit maker from the start of the 2021/22 season.

Both the home and away kit unveiled for this season has seen mixed reviews from fans but what has got them all riled up is the price of the new waterproof Garcia hoodie.

A Castore invention, the Garcia hoodie promises 100% waterproofness and is made from materials that provide temperature regulation while also successfully prevent chafing and other ailments that come from intense exercise.

As good as the configuration is, the £165 price tag leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Check out the reaction on Twitter below.

As seen on the Newcastle United store

So absurdly priced, it started a goddamned new chant

The least they could do at that price

Castore need a reality check

Castore is seriously taking the piss

The difference is staggering

A takeover joke is never too far away

Rangers (sponsored by Castore as well) fans can sympathise