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Spot the Saudi influence in Newcastle United’s away kit for 22/23 season

Spot the Saudi influence in Newcastle United’s away kit for 22/23 season

Designed by British sportswear brand Castore, Newcastle United‘s kits for the 2022/23 season have surfaced online. The leaks showcase the kit collection for next season.

In contrast to this season’s iteration, there’s no particular pattern on the home shirt, as Castore returns to a more classic look. Thin vertical stripes are back, and they’re on the back of the shirt as well. A round collar with black detailing is another neat addition.

The sponsor logos, including the one placed on the collar, are shaded in light blue. Perhaps the numbers on the back will go blue as well.

As for the away variant, well it wears its influence on its sleeve. In line with the Saudi takeover, the kit borrows white and green from the nation’s flag.

A clear white base, with green details all around. Even the various logos go green, including the club crest. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the resemblance was intentional, as the final product certainly mirrors the flag.

The third kit opts for a more creative approach. The base is enveloped in dark blue, which compliments the grandiose gold shade seen elsewhere perfectly.

Golden accents and details are present throughout the shirt, the sponsor logos are golden as well, and Castore’s winged design looks simply glorious in the resplendent colour.

A faded graphic is present on the sleeves, also in gold. Instead of the more conventional multicolour appearance, the club crest is monochrome. The overall look radiates opulence and would pair perfectly with some silverware.