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James Milner leaves Joel Matip hanging in new promo for sponsor ThinkMarkets

James Milner leaves Joel Matip hanging in new promo for sponsor ThinkMarkets

Footballers starring in commercials is a largely common sight nowadays. With the influence and fame they carry, players are an obvious choice to promote a brand’s latest offering. These adverts often keep it simple, as they highlight the product through a vanilla monologue delivered by the player. 

Fortunately, Liverpool sponsors ThinkMarkets thought differently.

While their latest advert does include a standard monologue, its delivery receives a unique twist, courtesy of 2 Liverpool stars.

The asset brokerage firm recruited Joel Matip and James Milner (for their acting chops), and the result is exceptional. 

By letting the pair’s chemistry shine throughout the commercial, ThinkMarkets have delivered a memorable advert. 

It kicks off with the duo offering befuddled looks at the prospect of online trading before the mic is handed to ‘World-Class Midfielder James Milner’. The veteran nods affirmatively before drawing a comparison between tea and online trading effortlessly.

His co-star is present for the vibes.

With dubious looks, child-like exuberance, and even mild concern, Matip goes through a range of expressions without breaking a sweat, some truly stellar work. 

In the second half, Milner sums up the service while Matip prepares the perfect cup of tea. 

After the Englishman takes a sip, the defender asks “are we gonna make one for me?”. A sceptical look follows and the advert concludes, safe to say, Matip never got his own cup.