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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel showcases his acting chops in new Trivago advert

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel showcases his acting chops in new Trivago advert

As a result of their loyalty to the club amidst all the peril, Chelsea have rewarded sponsor Trivago with adverts featuring some top-drawer stars.

The first one featured Kai Havertz, Jorginho and Mason Mount learning an important lesson in hotel booking, whereas the newest one stars the boss himself, Thomas Tuchel

The advert places a focus on the ingredients of success as per the UCL winning manager. 

A winning environment, team spirit, the best fans, after stating the obvious ones, Tuchel preps a warm espresso, leans back in his chair and says, “it’s also important to just.. relax”.

A sip of caffeine down the throat and ‘One-Take Tuchel’ is willing to part with his secret ingredient, “Lars”. 

We cut to a brief training montage before being introduced to the man in question. Lars Langstrand, Chelsea FC’s Chief Relaxation Officer takes centre stage. 

His responsibilities include – lifting everyone’s spirits, stuffing tourist pamphlets in Mason Mount’s boot, and losing the odd game of rock-paper-scissors to Marcos Alonso. 

However, his chief responsibility is helping the gaffer relax and also devising catchy nicknames for him from time to time. 

Lars’ innate abilities are on full display when Tuchel struggles to pick a destination for his next vacation. Seated on the German’s desk, the ‘CRO’ reminds Tuchel that it’s all about the destination, as with Trivago, the booking’s easy. 

The gaffer relays back, “True, you’re so wise”, while looking as convincing as he possibly could. 

After an order for 2 BLT’s for ‘TT’ without the T, Lars offers a massage, and the look of childlike exuberance on Tuchel’s face is simply priceless. The German’s brand new laid-back voice message created and narrated by Lars ends the advert, and judging by reactions, it certainly hit the spot. 

Fans were all in agreement that the former PSG manager’s performance was exceptional, TT’s clearly got some natural talent. 

Check out the commercial below –