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Watch: Reporter’s question sparks icy response from Thomas Tuchel

Watch: Reporter’s question sparks icy response from Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was caught in a tiff in the post-match press conference following their match against Zenit St Petersburg in the Champions League.

Losing out on a top-spot finish after a 3-3 draw against the Russian outfit, Tuchel made no attempt at hiding his displeasure when a journalist posed him a question that seemed to rub the German the wrong way.

Addressing the manager, the journalist in question appeared to insinuate that his players weren’t listening to his instructions, considering the poor result on the night coming only weeks after a disappointing loss at West Ham.

“I remind myself now that you’re normally a nice guy,” responded Tuchel, not acceding to the journalist’s opinion, before avowing not to take the implications of his stance personally.

There’s no denying that the German was in a petulant mood of sorts following the draw and that he showed a frosty side to his temperament otherwise not frequently on display.

Even so, despite the barb, Tuchel’s response was a restrained one, keeping in mind his side had put on one of the worst defensive performances of the season.

Conceding 3 goals only after having done the same a few days ago against West Ham, the result was bound to put the manager in a mood.

With injuries piling up and crucial matches on the cards, the situation is alarming for the Chelsea boss, to say the least.

Thus, it makes sense that the journalist found himself at the receiving end of Tuchel’s rebuke on a night of a shoddy performance on the spin.