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Twitter reacts to video of pitch invader getting battered by Sam Kerr

Twitter reacts to video of  pitch invader getting battered by Sam Kerr

Pitch invaders are often a nuisance, disrupting matches for their self-centred purposes.

Usually, they are dealt with by the stewards and security staff while the players stand aside, but the Aussies do it differently.

This was epitomized by Sam Kerr taking matters into her own hands when an idiot interrupted proceedings during Chelsea’s game against Juventus.

It had been a largely frustrating evening for the Blues and Kerr alike. They played out a goalless draw against Juve despite having a plethora of chances, Kerr also had a goal ruled out due to offside and looked off-colour throughout the game. Their moods certainly weren’t helped when the pitch invader decided to intervene.

Dashing past the stewards and the security staff, the invader instantly made his way towards Chelsea captain Magda Eriksson to take a selfie.

Upon seeing the incoming security staff, the male spectator changed directions and unfortunately ran into a less than amused Sam Kerr.

Delivering a shoulder charge straight out of the AFL, Kerr flattened the invader with relative ease.

This drew huge cheers from the spectators as they applauded Kerr’s actions, in contrast to the referee who deemed the actions worthy of a booking.

On Twitter, fans were in love with this bit of rough justice from Kerr –