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Fans Want A Sam Kerr & Kristie Mewis Spinoff After Stealing The Spotlight In USWNT Netflix Doc

Fans Want A Sam Kerr & Kristie Mewis Spinoff After Stealing The Spotlight In USWNT Netflix Doc

The US Women’s National Soccer Team has served as an inspiration for budding female footballers around the world with their overwhelming success in the last few decades. The United States of America has significantly improved its grassroots system for female footballers, giving them the ideal platform to develop into world-class players at a faster rate than those around the globe.

The USWNT is arguably more popular around the country than the US Men’s National Team. There is the reasoning behind that, with the Women’s team being much more dominant in their field as well – winning four FIFA Women’s World Cup editions and four Olympic Gold Medals.

Hence, it’s not exactly that surprising that the Women’s team has had a Netflix documentary centred around their group recently. However, the Netflix documentary ‘Under Pressure: The US Women’s World Cup’ actually centers around the events that happened to head into and during their disappointing 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign.

The USWNT were stunned in the knockout rounds, being knocked out by Sweden in the Round of 16. Under Pressure is not entirely just about the women’s team’s disappointing results at the World Cup, but also what transpired behind the scenes and a look at the behaviour of these top-level athletes outside the football pitch.

A lot of the spotlight is put on star forward Megan Rapinoe, who played her final major tournament for the national team. However, it appears that a lot of fans have fallen in love with the interactions between Chelsea star Sam Kerr and her fiance, USWNT midfielder Kristie Mewis in the documentary. The two have been dating since 2021 and announced their engagement to each other last month too.

Even though Kerr is Australian and definitely not a part of the USWNT set-up, she is quite actively featured in the documentary – probably because she’s Mewis’ partner. It appears that the 30-year-old Chelsea star took quite a lot of time in spending time with the US Women’s players and trying to point out their own flaws to them.

At one point, Kerr even gives her partner and her teammates a reality check on how they concede too many goals from corners and how that should be fixed by the team as well. Considering that the USWNT only conceded one goal in normal time in their four World Cup games, it appears that they took the advice seriously.

However, the Australian star spends quite a bit of time conversing with Mewis – who is just around two years older than her. The USWNT midfielder does not shy away from voicing her admiration towards Kerr and actually spends a large portion of her screen time in the documentary talking about her.

Some fans seem to love the interactions between Kerr and Mewis in the documentary and how adorable their interactions with each other are. In fact, quite a few supporters now actually want Netflix to create a whole new reality show revolving around this couple after seeing their exciting chemistry together on Under Pressure.

One thing that must be noted is that these two have never even been teammates in their careers. Mewis left the Chicago Red Stars in 2017, a year before Kerr joined them. But they obviously started interacting when the Australian forward still used to play in America and started dating a year after she joined Chelsea.

Due to their respective footballing career, Kerr and Mewis are currently in a long-distance relationship. They spend most of the year apart from each other, catching up either in the off-season period or holidays.

Despite that, there seems to be this natural chemistry in the couple that has come off as adorable for a lot of fans. Whether Netflix can capitalize on this fandom by creating a brand-new show, remains to be seen.

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