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Hair Trimmer Model Resembles Thomas Tuchel As Zlatan Ibrahimovic Lookalike Found in Copa do Brasil

Hair Trimmer Model Resembles Thomas Tuchel As Zlatan Ibrahimovic Lookalike Found in Copa do Brasil

Lookalikes and doppelgangers are known to be extremely rare, and even more so in the world of football. So it’s easy to imagine just how bewildered fans were when lookalikes of 2 notable footy figures popped up within days of each other, in vastly different ways as well. 

The first lookalike to grab Football Twitter‘s attention shares an uncanny resemblance to Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel

The German gaffer, who has been a constant presence in the news cycle following the events of Chelsea versus Tottenham, became a topic of discussion once again, albeit for a much different reason.  This time around, the attention came as a result of this image which has since been doing the rounds online. 

It appears to be an advert for German company Moser’s ‘Chromini’ line of hair clippers, with a very familiar face beaming next to the product itself.

A single glance is enough to map out the similarities: prominent cheekbones, cheeky grin, beady eyes, and even the forehead is similarly long. 

Apart from the haircut, the two share essentially every other feature, which left many fans online wondering whether Tuchel dabbled in a bit of modelling during his youth.

Until then, we can only speculate. And if the model is indeed a different individual, well there’s certainly potential for him to be an excellent impersonator. 

The other lookalike to emerge online is extremely close to the exact likeness of AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s rare to find a 6’4 pony-tail-clad colossus in general, let alone one that has also matched Ibra’s signature circle beard paired with a goatee. 

Well, such an individual was caught by the cameras during a recent Copa do Brasil fixture between Corinthians and Atletico Goianiense, and the image soon went viral.

A picture isn’t exactly the best method to measure height, but considering that stand-in Ibra looks to be towering above those around him, it’s fair to this fella is quite tall.

The AC Milan kit really completes the vision, throw a few tattoos into the mix and this fan could easily be mistaken for the Swedish Lion.