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Twitter discovers a Jose Mourinho lookalike on Netflix thriller ‘You’

Twitter discovers a Jose Mourinho lookalike on Netflix thriller ‘You’

José Mourinho is one of the most successful and famous names in the world of football. Often making the news for his footballing antics, recently Mourinho is trending on social media for different reasons.

The current AS Roma manager shares a striking similarity with actor Penn Badgley from the Netflix series ‘You’, thanks to the fervid Twitterati that spotted the resemblance.

Dark-haired, dark brown eyes, thin lips, pointed nose and an almond face, a young José looks a lot like the American actor, and admittedly, it’s quite impossible to unsee the way they share the same chiselled features.

So much that Penn Badgley could very well play José Mourinho when they eventually make a movie about his life. All Penn has to do is just do a bit of homework and learn some Portuguese.

Funnily enough, Mourinho’s self-proclaimed moniker ‘Special One’ goes eerily well with the theme of Penn Badgley’s hit Netflix thriller series ‘You’, where the protagonist (and closet antagonist) Joe (Badgley) engages in several obsessive murderous sprees, in an attempt to maintain romantic exclusivity and to gain the attention of his love interests.

Several humorous posts comparing the scenes from the series and pictures from Jose’s real life are also becoming viral.

Twitteratis have drawn an astonishing comparison between a promotional image of the show where Badgley’s character is seen with his baby seated beside his (on-screen) wife, and a real-life image of José Mourinho holding his baby with his wife Matilde Faria.

And lo and behold, young José with his boyish good looks certainly looked like he was up to something sinister in his youthful days.

All praise to Twitter for this genius discovery.