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Before and after images show the stunning transformation in Arsenal’s dressing room facilities

Before and after images show the stunning transformation in Arsenal’s dressing room facilities

Mikel Arteta’s “process” may be on the rocks, but the club’s process of renovating its infrastructure and facilities is on a much smoother road.

The Gunners have given a fresh look to their home dressing room and tunnel, ahead of their game against Crystal Palace at home. The club’s primary traditional colours – red and white conquer the dressing room and tunnel.

The words ‘We are the Arsenal’ is embellished in the dressing room above the players’ seating area in white with a red background, and a cannon crest is adorned on either side of the wordings.

The seating is plush with red cushions and quaint red LED lighting at the bottom. Each player’s seating has a white panel light above.

While the previous dressing room had a wooden touch, somewhat recreating their old home Highbury’s dressing room, the new dressing room is more contemporary with a fiery red tone. A huge decal of the Arsenal badge is placed in the centre of the room.

The wall in the passage to the dressing room is painted in red and white with ‘This is our time’ written across it. The hallway close to the tunnel has Arsenal’s badge in red mounted on a grey wall.

The tunnel has the club motto ‘Victory through harmony’ on one wall and the wordings ‘We are the Arsenal’ on the other wall.

The club motto is an integral part of Arsenal’s history, as it is said to have been introduced by former Arsenal programme writer Harry Homer in the 1947-48 season.

The flooring and roof of the hallway and tunnel are black, with white lights illuminating the spaces.

The renovation might do little to address their on-field woes, but it certainly hopes to give a fresh look and affirmative perspective, with the words of motivation setting the tone to inspire the players before they head on to the pitch.

Arsenal unveiled the new makeover before their game against the Eagles. The Gunners marched in with a hope to win, but a disdain performance full of more lows than highs saw them settling for a last-minute equaliser against the not-so-fragile Crystal Palace. 

They return to premier league action on Saturday, 23 October, against Aston Villa at home.