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Ex-referee Peter Walton slammed for mispronouncing Joel Matip’s name on BT Sport

Ex-referee Peter Walton slammed for mispronouncing Joel Matip’s name on BT Sport

The UEFA Champions League match between Atlético Madrid and Liverpool was not short of controversies, and so wasn’t ex-match official Peter Walton’s fiery debate back in the studio.

Firing up in an intense argument over a controversial night in Madrid, Walton found himself in an amusingly contentious situation.

The ex-UEFA referee mispronounced Joel Matip’s surname in a keyed-up argument about the happenings of the match between Atlético Madrid and Liverpool.

As it’s common for pundits and commentators to find themselves in a self-righteous position to mispronounce players’ names, Peter Walton this time kept repeating his blunder several times throughout his analysis. His aberrant mispronunciation of the player’s name had some viewers in displeasure.

The ex-referee was heard comfortably mispronouncing the player’s surname ‘Matip’ as ‘Mapit’, while in a conversation with Peter Crouch and Joleon Lescott.

And the fans watching the show were absolutely not having it. Several took to social media to express their disapproval of Peter Walton’s disdainful error.

It began with BT Sport pundits Peter Crouch and Joleon Lescott not agreeing with Walton’s sentiments over Antoine Griezmann’s first goal – on whether Thomas Lemar’s position on the goal line (arguably) interfered Matip from playing the ball.

The incident sparked more debate than Atlético Madrid’s overturned penalty. While Crouch and Lescott argued that Lemar’s position intervened Matip from clearing the ball, Peter Walton defended the on-field referee’s decision to not overturn the goal, as Lemar neither plays the ball, attempts to play the ball or obstruct Matip.

The dissonant Lescott even took a sly dig at Walton saying how match officials invariably fail to scope out the picture, as the laws are written by members who have had no playing experience.

It was a fleet of emotions all around, as Simeone was seen bereft post-match, and stormed off ignoring a bemused Klopp.

More drama remains to be unfolded on-field, on the sidelines and backstage as Liverpool host the Spanish champions at Merseyside in two weeks. A win would see them qualifying with ease.