Italian referee asserts authority with severe tongue-lashing at a protesting Serie A player

Referee Juan Luca Sacchi scolds Gerard Deulofeu

It’s quite commonplace to see players flying off the handle against match officials who in turn are left with the task of pacifying the ruckus.

But what ensued during the game between Udinese and Inter Milan was quite an aberration, when the referee decided to turn the tables and give it back to the player!

San Siro was witness to a special performance from Joaquin Correa who scored a brace within a space of 8 minutes to put the hosts firmly in control after the hour mark.

At the 81st minute, a Udinese attack led by Gerard Deulofeu resulted in the ball reaching the back of the net, however, the celebrations for the visitors were cut short as the goal was adjudged offside and consequently scrapped off. 

As expected, the Spanish winger, who saw the hopes of his side bouncing back come crashing down didn’t hold back from letting the referee know what he felt about the ruling.

Little did he know, however, that he’d have to face the wrath of ref, namely Juan Luca Sacchi who unleashed a verbal attack of his own on the player to shut him down.

The former Everton player, visibly taken aback by this unexpected counterattack, was quick to escape the situation, after which normal service resumed. 

This rather ironic approach to “calm” the situation earned Sacchi hearty praise from fans, who lauded his ability to take charge of a tense situation, much like the legendary former Italian referee Pierluigi Collina himself, who the players remained fearful of. 

With a convincing win over the visiting side, the current holders reached the 3rd spot on the table while Udinese languishes down at the 14th

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