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Matchgoers slammed for leaving Anfield as Liverpool chased a winner against Brighton

Matchgoers slammed for leaving Anfield as Liverpool chased a winner against Brighton

For a stadium known to be one of the most hostile venues in the world for visiting teams with a roaring fan base that backs their team to the hilt, the atmosphere at Anfield felt rather flat during the encounter against visiting Brighton, ultimately culminating in the hosts dropping points.

Liverpool looked sensational as the game commenced, playing with the flare that is usually associated with them. They found an unlikely scorer in skipper Jordan Henderson who struck as early as the 4th minute, with a fabulous curling effort to the back of the net.

Sadio Made followed suit when an aerial assist from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fell kindly for the winger who headed it home to give his side a 2-goal lead by the 24th minute. 

With two memorable goals scored before the clock ticked half an hour, Liverpool looked set to grab the victory with ease. But fortunes changed for Brighton when the Zambian international by the name of Enock Mwepu scored, which was perhaps one of the goals of the season so far.

A sensational strike from way outside the box sent the ball over the leaping Alisson, into the net and Brighton were thrown a lifeline just before the ref blew the whistle for half-time.

A cogent counterattack from Brighton caused the Liverpool defence to back-pedal, but the slick passing from the seagulls proved too hot to handle for the hosts as Leandro Trossard sent the ball past the Brazilian goalkeeper to get his team on level terms at the 64th-minute mark.

But just as the match reached the “blink and you miss it” stage, with 2 minutes of added time left, quite a few home fans were seen heading towards the exits.

Safe to say Liverpool fans on Twitter didn’t like what they were seeing from their match-going counterparts –

It was certainly out of character for Liverpool fans to behave as they did, considering the fact that they are considered to be some of the most loyal supporters ever, as is reflected through their anthem “You’ll never walk alone”.