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The Liverpool FC references you couldn’t have missed on latest Dr Who episode

The Liverpool FC references you couldn’t have missed on latest Dr Who episode

While the football on the pitch remains adored by many, it seems Liverpool continue to find admirers off the pitch, too.

Days after Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was pictured signing and holding the club’s 2021/22 home kit; declaring his love for the club, it seems the Reds have found yet another supporter in Dr Who. 

In the BBC produced series’ latest episode (s13e01) starring Liverpool fan and comedian John Bishop, Dr Who, played by the Jodie Whittaker – the first female to play the character – can be seen landing her ship, Tardis, at Anfield.

As she walks out of her ship, Whittaker – playing the thirteenth doctor – recalls the best moment that has played out during Jurgen Klopp’s tenure as Liverpool’s manager. 

“Liverpool”, the Doctor remarks, as she continues to jubilantly recall catchphrases and resplendent moments during the era, amidst the backdrop of a newly-renovated Anfield stadium. “Anfield,” she says, with enamoured glee, “Klopp era! Classic”, she recalls with stunning fervour. “Ooh Yaz, maybe we could take in a game” the doctor states to Dan Lewis – Bishop’s character.

She also goes on to claim that she watched the club’s historic Champions League encounter against Barcelona nine times, and was the ball boy who remains a catalyst in allowing Trent Alexander-Arnold to take a quick corner on that historic night in 2019.

The TV series character is the latest addition to the raft of celebrity supporters of the club. Dr Who is the newest addition alongside the likes of LeBron James, Samuel Jackson, and Dr Dre, among others, who have declared their undying support for the club.

The Reds remain unbeaten across all competitions this season before they host Atletico Madrid in their UEFA Champions League tie on Wednesday.